segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2011

Letter to Host Family

Oi meninas,

sei que essa é uma parte que pega, pega mesmo!
Temos que ajudar umas às outras, portanto, esta é a minha Letter!
Espero que ajude!


Hi dear Host Family,

        Thank you for your interest in me. My name is Natália Teixeira, but you can call me Naty, this is my nickname. Let me introduce my self. I’m from Contagem, state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil, that, by the way, It’s a great place to live. We have a lot of parks, mountains, museums, universities. I’m 24 years old. I live with my parents, my sister and my brother. My father is Cesar, he is 53 years old and he owns a company that sells parts of cars and trucks, my mom Maria Nazarete is 45 years old and is a housewife, my sister Raquel works at my father’s company, she is 19 years old and my brother is Cesar too, he is 16 years old and he only studies. My house is always full of people. My family loves to get together. I have a big family and lots of children always around.
I live in a big city, so to go to my favorite places I have to drive. I drive manual and automatic cars for 5 years. I also drive with the children in the car, I take them to school, to playdates, to their grandparents' house and a lot of other places.
I’d like to add that I’m a healthy person, I like to keep a healthy diet. I include vegetables, greens and another foods on my diet. I practice sports, walking and running, It's great for the body and mind!
Another hobby of mine is reading books, romances, administration books, action, drama. I always study a lot, that’s way I learned to love reading. I studied english for 8 years, I love english,  I watch a lot of movies, TV series, that's a good way to be always in touch with the language. I also like to explore new places, I like to travel fresh air, have fun hanging out with my friends or staying at home and cook for them! I frequently travel with my family and friends, I love it!
I study International Trade at college. I’ll graduate on July 2013. This way, I learned how to manage, It helps me to manage my time, my activities and my money.
I worked for 2 years at General Mills, and American company that owned a Brazilian brand, Forno de Minas. Here, in Brazil, the factory produced delicious Cheese Rolls. The brand was sold but I continued working there. The company exports to USA, It’s a really great market! And now, I take care of 3 great children! They are 2 and 4 years old. I also take care of other kids, but not regularly. They are between 0 and 13 years old. I love what I do! Taking care of children is great! I love seen how they grow up and develop! One of my favorite activities is when the kids tell me stories and sing to me, we have so much fun! It’s really great seeing how they demonstrate their creativity! We go to parks, I take them to playdates! At home we play making picnic outdoors, I help them with their homeworks, we lunch, take breakfast, change the diapers! Everyday I drive to take them to school. I’m always funny, creative and responsible with them, that’s why they all like me! I love to make cakes, cookies, other things they like, and, of course, their meal! 
        Since I was little I was kind of a mommy to my younger brother, Cesar, or at least I saw my self that way. I fed him, changed his diapers, gave him shower, play with them and a lot of other things! We are really close!
        Well, I hope having a great time in USA! I think It’s a great country and I’m very interested and knowing the American culture, the people and improve my English.
        I hope the family that receives me make me part of the family. Brazil is a great country, so I want the family knows about it! I’ll teach and show my country for the children and my host parents. Wouldn’t be great learn how to speak Portuguese? I think the children would love! I’m looking forward to go to your country and participate of your lifes!

Best regards,
Natália Teixeira.

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